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the puppy desperation continues April 18, 2009

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the past few days have been filled with puppy desperation, i tell ya…

i’ve once again written to the breeder in finland, and if i don’t hear from her this weekend, i’ve decided to give up on her, because clearly it was not meant to be.

thanks to my friends over att http://woofboard.com – a discussion board dedicated to boston terriers – i have found some uk boston breeders, and one of the members even told me her boston terrier will have puppies in about a months’ time, and would i be interested in one of them?
YES, i would!
that particular boston-owned member lives in france, and so i checked the website for “the swedish board of agriculture, department for animal production and health” (no, i didn’t know that that’s what it was called in english *lol* – i had to check the pdf file for one of the forms i would have to fill out if i were to import a puppy) to make sure that france is a rabies-free country.
turns out that there was a case in november last year where a dog had been found having rabies.
that dog had been brought into france from spain, which is a country that is *not* rabies-free.
and so because of *one* person’s stupidity, france is no longer considered rabies-free, and no french puppies under the age of 12 weeks are allowed to be brought to sweden, and this will be the case at least until may or june of this year, possibly longer.

so, if i want one of the puppies from france, she will not be able to come to sweden before she’s at least 6 months old, since she needs to have rabies shots which can be given no earlier than when the puppy is 12 weeks old, and then we have to wait *another 12 weeks (at least), to see if the puppy has developped anti-bodies for rabies.
if she *has*, she can come to sweden.

(yes, i know – i’m an infomaniac – i “LOVE” to find out and know things! *rofl*)


more about my puppy desperation:

i’ve emailed a couple of uk boston terrier breeders that i found email addresses to on the ‘net.

i’ve also emailed a couple of breeders of danish/swedish farmdog, but NOBODY has (girl)puppies for sale at the moment.
i am however talking to a breeder in the southern part of sweden, and his danish/swedish farmdog will be mated once she comes into heat, and there will hopefully be puppies later this summer/fall.

*and* i’m considering adding another breed to the puppy madness race:

*drum roll*


miniature schnauzer.

yes, after careful consideration and a lot of research, i’ve decided i would definitely be able to live with myself if i was owned by a miniature schnauzer girl.
they come in four colors: salt & pepper, black & silver, black, and (although only recognized in *some* countries – sweden being one of them) white.
here’s a web page where all four colors are shown: miniature schnauzers come in different flavors

i’ve always said that if i were to buy a dog of this breed, it would be a white one, and so now i’ve found a breeder who’s expecting “whities” any day now…
hopefully it’s a litter of several girl puppies, since a couple of them are already spoken for.

i’ve saved the puppy madness pièce de resistance for last:

*drum roll encore*

i’ve contacted a woman who has a nova scotia duck tolling retriever girl puppy…
lotta thinks i’m insane, and i probably *am*, but…

we’ll see what happens…


One Response to “the puppy desperation continues”

  1. lindykat Says:

    When you open the door to other possibilities, great things happen. This is just what you have done, Mumrik. Woohoo!

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