waiting for elma the boston terrier

preparation mode April 20, 2009

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i just spoke to the breeder of the toller puppies.
saturday, lotta and i will be going there to meet the breeder and the puppies and their mom.

i’m hoping SO much that the little fox-red girl likes me, so i get to go home and arrange for her arrival in just a couple of weeks’ time!

i went into town today, and i bought a book about working with retrievers.
this “working dog” stuff is almost totally unchartered terrain for me, and i’m very much looking forward to learning more about this!


2 Responses to “preparation mode”

  1. Malin Says:

    I know she will love you and she will steal your heart in like 1,3 sec 😀

    I’m so happy that you finally have found your puppy and I’m sure Zappo would bless your choice 😉

    *big hug*

  2. lindykat Says:

    Your heart is open to this new avenue, and it is the direction in which you are being led. You will do well, I know it! I will be waiting with you….

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