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puppy mania April 24, 2009

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the past couple of days have been full of dreaming of and planning for sienna…

i went into town to buy a small blanket to bring to her, so she could keep it with her at her mom’s, and bring it with her when she comes home in mid-may, and it would have the scent of her mother and her siblings on it, so the new world will seem less scary.
i didn’t find any nice blankets, though, so i settled for a small pastel-colored plush ball – it will also “soak up” the scent from familiar surroundings.

i wrote to her breeder, telling her how much i’m looking forward to meeting them all, and how extremely happy and proud i am that i’ve been chosen as sienna’s new mom.
she wrote back, saying that sienna is the darling of the litter as far as she and her husband are concerned (sienna is the puppy who looks the most like her mother, so that’s hardly surprising *lol*), and that she seems like a rather calm and self-secure puppy – she was the one of the puppies who, when they brought the puppies outside of the puppy room one by one to “test” their personalities, was the most curious and “brave”.
“sienna is definitely the puppy *i* would choose if i was taking one of the girl puppies”, sienna’s breeder wrote, “so i think you’ll be getting a wonderful dog!”

i also wrote to the people owned by sienna’s father (after some detective work i found their kennel website, with a photo album with pictures of him).
they said that sienna and her siblings (whom they visited only days after i’d decided i want to be sienna’s mom) are a very nice litter, and that they hope to meet us later on!

after saturday, i will ask them if i can have some photos of sienna’s father to post on her blogs.

i’ve joined a couple of nova scotia duck tolling retriever discussion boards, and it’s VERY interesting to read about what other people owned by tollers have to say about them!

and how am i *doing* / feeling?

well, i breathe much more easily now, and i don’t wake up several times during the night with a feeling of panic.

so it’s all good.

this is ALL good.


2 Responses to “puppy mania”

  1. lindykat Says:

    This is SO what you needed, Mumrik. *squeeze* You know, I never let go. Your body is telling your mind this is the right choice…the easy breathing, lack of panic awakenings. I can’t wait to hear how your meeting with litttle Sienna turns out this weekend. If you can, please take some pictures of her to post or send. I am sure she is growing so much! *big smile* The time is almost here. I can just picture her homecoming now!

  2. mumrik Says:

    you *bet* i will bring my camera to take photos of sienna, her mother and her siblings!

    i can’t wait to hold her…

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