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do all people waiting to adopt fuss this much over their baby-to-be? April 25, 2009

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today is the day…
in about three hours i will meet sienna, her mother, siblings and breeder.

but also very, VERY excited!

i’ve packed the small gift bag i’m bringing for sienna:


it’s a small (about 17″ by 17″) fleece blanket – just the right size for sienna to drag around!
it’s made by a swedish company called babytech, and it’s beautiful!
i couldn’t find a picture of a grey blanket (which is what i bought for sienna), so you’ll just have to pretend the above picture is of sienna’s blanket, okay?

and while you’re excersising your imagination:


this is *sort of* what the plush ball i bought for sienna the other day looks like, although *her* ball is all pastel colors.

well, i’d better get ready now, because in an hour or so, lotta will come pick me up, and then we’re off to see the fox-red beauty – wish me luck!


One Response to “do all people waiting to adopt fuss this much over their baby-to-be?”

  1. lindykat Says:

    The blanket is very sweet, Mumrik. I know it will help Sienna to have familiar smells when she comes home with you.

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