waiting for elma the boston terrier

dreams vs reality April 29, 2009

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since “my dream of elma, the boston terrier” turned into “my reality of sienna, the toller”, i’ve decided to stop writing posts on this blog.

i’d like to invite you to follow sienna and me on our new blogs:

sienna speaks

and / or

sienna skriver


3 Responses to “dreams vs reality”

  1. lindykat Says:

    What a great reality it will be, Mumrik. Thank you for allowing me to share this wild ride with you. Sienna is your new heart…your transplant. I look forward to it!

  2. mumrik Says:

    awwww, lindykat…
    here i go with the tears again…
    THANK YOU for being here for me during these horrible months – THANK YOU for saving my life…

    sienna will KNOW that her auntie lindykat means a lot to me, and that we both owe you more than words can ever express.
    we love you!

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